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Loz, 21, UK.
Gaming, Anime.

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Anonymous said:
Hey, well you don't know me, I stumbled on your tumblr by accident. But if you are ever in Leeds we should go for a drink. Although I probably won't be your type, I am not really alternative

Hahah I don’t have a type. Just you like who you like really :)

Anonymous said:
I'm sorry :( might tell you some day :')

Hahaha tell!!!

Anonymous said:
In terms of bdsm, what are your limits? what is the most hardcore thing you've done or let someone do to you?

No limits tbh I like it its fun

Anonymous said:
Not sure how to PM ya and couldnt on Facebook as you havent accepted friend req. how are we gunna wow together :O :(

Lemme know who it is over here and ill accept ^-^

Anonymous said:
Really wish you would get on your knees and suck my dick

Hahahaha! Well that’s forward xD

Anonymous said:
If you ever go to Leeds, I would love to take you on a date

Haha hmmm I’m curious as to who this is as I know a few people in leeds!

Next level nostalgia. #oblivion #shiveringisles #TES

Anonymous said:
I would poke you on Facebook but it's a secret :)

Bloody anons! I’m so curious :(

Anonymous said:
Not ravaging you when I had the chance has to be one of my biggest regrets so far in life.

Glad to know but I wish people would man up and tell me to my face :’) leaving me in the dark frustrates me a hell of a lot haha :)

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